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Why INK?
Establishing a gold standard of financial DAO governance

Financial Tooling

Ink Finance goes far beyond the garden variety of "propose and vote". It can make your DAO a financial institution of the Web3 era, with its comprehensive tools enabling you to carry important fiscal duties, and grow your ecosystem by tapping the ubiquitous DeFi liquidities.

Multichain Operation

Your DAO is able to establish true cross-chain reputation and generate member growth from everywhere. You can govern from your native blockchain to reach DeFi users on other networks - they will know you by investing in you.

Efficient DAO Economy

Whatever utility your DAO tokens have, you can immediately add governance utility to them, by plugging them into Ink Finance. Administrative hierarchies can now be replaced by fair, easy to implement, and efficient economic ones.

INK Modules
The INK workspace makes it easy for users to choose the features and functions they need

Products Module

It features a comprehensive dictionary of definitions and parameters of financial products, with which any bundle of assets (and the information regarding them) can be wrapped into one object - the Ink Envelope. This object can then be used as collateral for borrowing, or component in an NFT portfolio. Backed by Ink Envelope, fungible tokens (representing bonds, equity, funds, etc.) can be issued to raise money, and later be circulated in any secondary DeFi markets.

Governance Module

It contains the building blocks dedicated to the formation, maintenance, and evolvement of a DAO, assuring its financial integrity and assigning governance utility to the DAO's native tokens. All smart contracts in this module are dynamically generated from a master factory and ready to be customized, to get a financially focused DAO up and running, in a no-code experience.

Multichain Module

Ink Finance aims to enable a DAO to govern from its native blockchain and establish its financial reputation on multiple blockchains. Any user DAO on INK should be freed from the burden of chasing liquidity: wherever Ink Finance is deployed, this DAO can simply open a "branch office" there to tap the DeFi liquidities there. INK Multichain Module contains the implementation of such Multichain operations.

Integration Module

Ink Finance doesn't reinvent wheels. It collaborates with some of the best protocols in Web3, and integrates their solutions into this Module. These facilities include components critical to Ink Finance's functionality, such as identity assurance, storage, cross-chain message & swap, oracle machine, etc. This module adds a layer of abstraction to allow Ink Finance to continuously adopt and evolve with the latest and best technologies.


You only need to go through several pre-defined simple steps to propose your intended financial activities. Once they pass the votes from your community, INK will issue the financial product for you.

Asset and Custody

The origination of the assets, and how you intend to custodize and secure them to benefit the DeFi investors.

Financing Method

How do you want the assets to be financed – collateralized borrowing, sale of existing portfolio, sale of future revenue, etc.

Product Placement

Your desired way of selling the product - direct sale to investors via initial auction, or fundraise first and use the money later for portfolio built-up.

Go to Market

Treasury management and NFT financialization
for metaverse & Gamefi

On-chain or off-chain crypto asset
management funds

Angel and venture funds of
early stage innovation projects

Real-world fintech:
e-commerce and Green Finance

Core Team
Ink Finance is our work and obsession
Tony Tang
Founder & CEO

A veteran Wall Streeter coming from an engineering background, with profound insights in finance and demonstrated leadership in Fintech development, Tony is responsible for the strategic positioning, core technological adaptation, and overall development of Ink Finance.

Dan Zhong
Director of Financial

An ex senior developer at IBM and Nortel, and ex enterprise architect at financial service institutions Fidelity and Pearson, Dan is in charge of devising and implementing the modular framework of the Asset Adoption & Financial Products for Ink Finance.

Clayton Rebenda
Director of Multi-Chain Development

An ex-Google engineer and currently a senior L0/L1 developer with outstanding track record in distributed systems and cryptology, Clay is responsible for the design and development of the Multichain and Integration solutions for Ink Finance.

Andy Proffitt
Chief Brand Officer

With his solid track records of working with both fortune 500 companies and startups, Andy will lead branding and marketing efforts for Ink Finance, bringing both his strategic planning capabilities and hands-on working attitude to the project.

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